Fence Installation Requires Coordination With Neighbors And Preparations By The Installer

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Fence Installation Requires Coordination With Neighbors And Preparations By The Installer

2 May 2023
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The initial steps for fence installation are often the same no matter what type of fence you're having installed. There are several things you need to do to prepare for getting a new fence, whether you already have a fence or if you're putting up a fence for the first time.

Here's how to prepare for your new fence installation

Coordinate With Your Neighbors If You Share A Fence

If you share your old fence with one or more neighbors, tell them your plans for replacing the fence. If they also use the fence to keep a pet or kids in the yard, they may be willing to help pay for part of the fence. At the least, they'll want to know the fence will be down for a day or two so their pets won't get loose.

Consider A Boundary Survey

If there's any doubt about your property line, get a boundary survey. This survey marks your property line and helps you identify easements and setback areas. Knowing these details helps you choose the right place to install your fence without worrying about disputes with neighbors.

Consult With A Fence Installation Contractor

The fence installation contractor has a lot of preparations to complete as well. They'll help you decide on the type of fencing you want and explain the installation process. They'll measure your fence line so they can order supplies.

They may also call to have utility lines marked so you don't have to. Once you have a signed contract for the work, the contractor will be ready to start on your fence when the supplies are delivered.

Have The Old Fence Removed

The contractor has to pull out the old fencing and clear weeds and debris out of the way so the fence line can be established for the new fence. They may put string down to mark a straight line and they may use flags or paint to mark the ground where holes need to be dug for posts.

The fence installation contractor may need to bring in equipment and tools to help build the fence. These may include a machine to dig post holes, a trencher if you need to bury part of the fence to keep pets from digging out, and tools. A level is a necessary tool for fence building because it's important for the fence to be straight and level to be secure and attractive.

Build The Fence

The new fence installation begins with digging post holes and sinking the posts in the ground and securing them with concrete. After that, the fence installation crew is ready to start building the fence so it can be completed as quickly as possible to restore your privacy and keep your pets corralled.

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