4 Costly Mistakes Most DIYers Make When Installing An Aluminum Fence

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4 Costly Mistakes Most DIYers Make When Installing An Aluminum Fence

27 May 2021
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You may be a DIY enthusiast with some knowledge about aluminum fence installation and some basic tools for the job. But without professional training, you'll likely meet some challenges along the way or make serious errors. That's why you need to hire professionals to help with the fence installation. Otherwise, if you decide to take the DIY route, you'll likely make some of the mistakes mentioned below:

Failing to Check the Utility Lines

During aluminum fence installation, it is necessary to dig out deep holes for the posts. These holes can get in the way of the water lines and break them if you are not cautious. For that reason, you need to liaise with the utility providers to avoid interfering with the water, gas, and electrical lines that may be located near the fence.

The utility providers will mark where the line is located, making them noticeable for those digging out. Making arrangements with a utility company is not always easy. That's why you should work with aluminum fence installation experts to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Not Digging With a Plan

Planning is vital before starting the project. Digging without a plan can lead to wasting valuable time. Planning involves measuring the property lines to know where to place the posts. You should ensure that the posts are not too close to the utility lines. It is also necessary to even out spaces between the posts so as to create a neat and uniform fence. It is best to hire a fencing expert at the onset of the planning stage. They will ensure the correct digging of holes to avoid trouble with your neighbors and the utility companies. 

Using the Wrong Tools for Digging Holes

When you don't hire fence installation professionals, you are likely to use the wrong tools for the project. It is also challenging and expensive to acquire the right tools, so you may not buy all of them. Also, some of these tools are not popular, and you may not find them in your regular hardware stores. 

That's why it's advisable to work with fence installation companies because they are equipped with all the necessary tools. Also, they can provide the required workforce to complete the job as fast as possible.

Using Dry Set Concrete

For a worthwhile aluminum fence installation process, you must find a permanent solution to ensure the poles stay firm in the holes. Usually, DIY experts use dry set concrete, which does not provide strong poles. Most fence installation experts prefer the wet set since the results are instant and solid.

These are some of the mistakes you are likely to make when installing your aluminum fence alone. Hiring the fencing experts ensures that the job is done accurately and speedily to avoid unnecessary and unbudgeted costs. 

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