Should You Install A Fiberglass Fence?

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Should You Install A Fiberglass Fence?

25 July 2018
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If you have a home that was built without a fence, it should be one of the first things you consider adding to your property. A fence serves so many practical and stylistic functions. A smartly designed fence is going to frame your property and make everything look a little more put together. At the same time, a fence can protect your yard from intruders and animals that might ruin your lawn. It also keeps pets and children safe.

One of the first things you need to decide is what material to choose. You want to find a product that is going to be functional, stylish, and that will match with your home style. This article shows how fiberglass can be one of the best residential fence materials.


Fiberglass might seem like an odd choice for your fence material since you probably don't have much fiberglass on the outside of your home. But fiberglass fencing products are made to look like wood. So if you have wood on the exterior of your home, you can probably find a fiberglass product that will look great with it.

Fiberglass That Looks Like Wood

It's never going to match the wood on your house perfectly, but it can definitely look very similar. Fiberglass is produced in the most current and trendy wood finishes and colors.

The Surface is Perfect for Fencing

The main reason you would be choosing fiberglass over any of the alternate product is the fact that it is a non-porous, waterproof, fade resistant, colorfast, and smooth surface. All of these characteristics basically mean that fiberglass is going to be a very low maintenance product. It won't stain, fade, or get damaged by moisture. If you do need to clean your fiberglass fence, the best method might be just to spray it down with some water. If not, a quick sponge down will do the job.

The finish on fiberglass is permanent and protective. Most fences have fiberglass that is dyed and then sealed with a clear coat. This clear coat is what you actually touch. So even if the fence does get scratched, the color shouldn't be affected at all.

Even if fiberglass isn't the first option on your list, you will surely be won over by it if you consider the low maintenance and reliability of the material. There aren't many other products that are so stylish yet easy to care for. Contact a fencing company like York Fence Co today to learn more about this and other custom fencing options.

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