The Advantages Of Modular Fiberglass Picket Fences

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The Advantages Of Modular Fiberglass Picket Fences

13 September 2016
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Are you interested in adding a fence to your home? Are you interested in the classic look of the white picket fence? If so, you might think that you need to look for wooden fencing products. While wood is classic fencing option, there are more practical options that require less maintenance. Fiberglass is one of the most popular low maintenance options. Homeowners and installers also love it because of the modular design. If you plan on building your own fence, you can get an all-inclusive fiberglass kit with everything you need. This article explains the advantages of installing a modular fiberglass picket fence.

Easy to Build

The most immediate advantage of a fiberglass fence, especially if you are installing it on your own, is the modular build. Of course, the posts will still need to be firmly installed into the soil or concrete footings. This is definitely the most technical and laborious part of the installation. However, once the posts are installed, assembling the rest of the fence is pretty simple. The post has modular slots that the rails fit right into. They basic snap into the slot without any tools. This simple design reduce the cost and time of initial installation. It also makes most repairs very simple.

Fiberglass Textures and Colors

Many people choose a fiberglass product with a textured finish. A slight texture will look more natural than a shiny, white fence. In essence, it will look more like painted wood. Textured fences are also advantageous because they are easier to clean. When it comes to the color of your fence, you can choose just about any color. Most manufacturers have catalogs with a wide range of factory colors. However, if you need to match a more unique color that you can't find in the catalogs, you can find many manufacturers who will do color matches. Since these products are custom painted, they are a little more expensive.

Easy Maintenance

The easy maintenance of fiberglass makes it stand out to may homeowners. You can easily clean it with a wet rag or by just spraying it down with your hose. Fiberglass is waterproof and it doesn't require any special treatment of staining with waterproofing chemicals. This easy long and short term maintenance makes owning fiberglass very easy.

It is easy to see why fiberglass is such a popular material for picket fence construction. It looks great and it is easy to maintain at the same time. For more information, contact companies like Hunt's Fencing.

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