Keep Intrusive Wildlife Out Of Your Yard By Choosing The Ideal Fencing

If you are someone that values your privacy and doesn’t want to deal with picking up a lot of litter and other messes associated with wildlife, you may be looking into getting fencing installed to surround the perimeter of your yard. With this in mind, you need to look into how you can choose the right fencing for keeping wildlife out of as much as possible. Since you don’t want to cause any harm to the local wildlife, you should look into the following ideas for choosing fencing that will provide you with the results you want.

Stick with Wood Fencing That Has Vertical Slats

If you’ve made the decision to get wood fencing installed due to the traditional look it offers and its durability even with years of use, it’s important that you consider which direction the slats are. While horizontal slats are sometimes found for wood fencing, it can often lead to wildlife being able to crawl through the fence and get into your yard. With vertical fencing slats instead, you don’t need to worry about wildlife getting over the fence as easily.

Get Panels Installed for Chain-Link or Metal Fences

If you’ve decided to get chain-link or metal fence installed instead and it has large gaps between each part of the fence, you need to make sure that panels are inserted in between each post. What this will do is ensure that animals can’t simply slip between the two spots. This can go a long way towards preventing wildlife ranging from raccoons to snakes from getting into your yard is easily.

These panels can vary in color and material, making it easy for you to choose panels that look great and provide the function that you want.

Consider Adding Dense Hedges Outside the Fencing

Adding greenery to your yard can be a great way for sprucing up the space, along with simply looking into creating an extra barrier for wildlife. By getting dense hedging thick in size, you can make sure that wildlife can’t get into your yard as easily. At the same time, you’ll be able to enjoy the improvement to the way that your yard looks. For the most effective barrier, make sure to get the dense hedging planted outside the fencing.

As you explore the different ways that fencing can make a big difference in the way that your yard is protected from local wildlife, you’ll quickly see how much of an impact the right fencing can be. To learn more, contact a fencing company like Clendaniel Fence Co