4 Matching Features to Add to a New Wood Fence and Outdoor Living Space with Privacy

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4 Matching Features to Add to a New Wood Fence and Outdoor Living Space with Privacy

18 November 2019
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When you are investing in a new wood fence for privacy and attractive outdoor spaces, you may want to do additional improvements that match. Things like arbors, privacy screens, and pergolas can be built at the same time you have the fence installed. This will give you the advantage of materials that match and uniform design for your outdoor living spaces. The following features are some of the additional projects you will want to consider when installing a new fence:

1. Arbors and Pergolas That Are Integrated into the Design of Your New Wood Fence

When you start planning the installation of your new fence, some of the arbor and pergola features can be integrated into the design. To start, you may want to add an arbor entrance to the gates to give that space an attractive design and more privacy. Pergolas are great for outdoor seating areas and can be made out of the same materials as your new wood fence for an integrated design that blends together.

2. Adding Privacy Screens for Better Outdoor Living Space Design and More Privacy

Privacy screens can be a great addition to any outdoor living space design to add privacy. These screens could be fixed and made from the same materials as your fencing. They can also be foldable divider screens that you can use to separate space and move whenever you need to.

3. Planters, Benches, and Seating Features Integrate into New Wood Fence Designs

Some of the features that you will want for the design of your outdoor living space include planters with life and seating for entertaining. If your privacy fence borders some of the outdoor living space, combine the planter with bench seating features. For areas that are located away from the fence, you can also use the same materials to build seating, tables, and other features in these areas.

4. Trestles and Other Garden Structures that Blend In with the Design of Wood Fencing

There may also be other landscaping and garden structures that you want to add to protect hardscaping or support plants. When building the wood fence to give your outdoor spaces more privacy, you can also build small trestles and other landscaping structures with the same materials to make these features match your fence.

These are some of the additional features that you will want to consider doing when installing a new fence. If you are ready for a new fence and improvements to your outdoor living space, contact a fencing company like Gatlin Fence Company and ask them about adding some of these features to match your new fence.

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