Turn Your Backyard Into A Space Your Family Can Enjoy

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Turn Your Backyard Into A Space Your Family Can Enjoy

13 July 2016
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Is your backyard bland and boring? If so, you probably don't spend a lot very much time back there. If you transform the space into a place that's beautiful, private, and functional, you're more likely to use it — maybe even year round. The good news is, it isn't difficult to turn your backyard into a place where you can relax and entertain. Just use these tips to revamp your backyard into a usable space for your family.


The more private your backyard is, the more it will feel like a relaxing place. While you can install a privacy fence around your backyard to block your neighbor's' view, privacy fences aren't the best option for everyone. After all, a privacy fence also limits the amount of contact you have with those who live closest to you, and if you like your neighbors, that might be a problem. If don't want to install a privacy fence, consider these options:

  • Plant a row of tall bushes between your home and your neighbor's. This way, you make your yard a more private place, but it's still easy to converse with your neighbors. Also, bushes and other greenery will help you create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your backyard.
  • Build a pergola to enclose a portion of your outdoor seating area. This gives you some privacy, but keeps the rest of the yard wide open. You can also plant climbing plants at the base of the pergola so they grow upwards, obscuring your view partially.
  • Surround your patio with lattice to create a more private space. You'll still be able to see through the holes in the lattice, but you aren't completely cut off. This is a good option for people who need to be able to keep their eyes on their kids while they relax.

Keep in mind, fencing can add value to your home. So, even if you don't want to install a privacy fence around your backyard, you might consider installing a chain-link fence. You can still install bushes near the fence line and/or build a pergola around your seating area if you install a chain-link fence. Plus, a chain-link fence makes it easier to keep your pets and children in the yard. Talk to a company like Elrod Fence Co to learn more.

Glass Room Addition

Building a glass room addition — also known as a four-season room or sunroom — onto your home makes it easier for you to use the space year round. Four-season rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the room so that you'll feel like you're sitting outside while you're in the room. Adding a four-season room to your home is a great idea for people with children, because it makes it easier for you to watch them play from indoors. Also, you can build a deck or patio adjacent to your four-season room to make outdoor entertaining simple.


Planting flowers in your backyard gives the space a more homey feel. You should choose flowers that are visually appealing to you so that it's easier for you to relax while you're in the backyard. Keep in mind, green plants have a calming effect. So, regardless of what type of plants you choose, be sure to plant some green plants or bushes in the yard too.

Transforming your backyard into a space that your family will use more often isn't hard. All you need to do is create a place for you to relax, make your backyard a more private space, and consider adding a glass room addition onto your home so that you can enjoy the space all year long.

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